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3rd MARCH, 2012.

'7 years I have waited for this moment. 7 years I have not had a sleep without you in my dreams. 7 years I have not missed celebrating your birthday even without you around.'

After 7 long years, I'm meeting her tonight.

'Miss' as I always call her, fate had taken her away from me 7 years back for reasons that I still don't know. And now, the same fate has brought us back together. 7 years from back I have given her my heart, and tonight I just want her to know that she still has my heart.

Dressed in my best suit, and with the best of my self, here, at this table No. 5 of her favourite hangout where we used to sit then, I'm waiting for the clock to tick 7 O'Clock. The feeling is too special and I wish I could make the time still for some more time. But, then, having her sitting right beside me has been my only wish for the last 7 years. Only I know how I wish the clock to tick 7.

The clock ticks 7 and I turn my head towards the way from where she would be coming. I know it's dramatic, but I just can't help it, I'm seeing her after such a long 7 years & I had missed the way she used to be. I kept gazing towards the way until the waiter broke my attention. When I looked at the watch, it was 10 minutes past 7. I told the waiter to come over after 10 minutes and I again looked at the direction. I have this feeling that any moment she would be walking in from the direction in a red dress. I kept looking.

'Sir, it's the time to close now'. When he broke my attention, I found myself gazing in the direction. It was 11 now and there were no diners around. The candle on the table still remained unlit. I took out my wallet, look at her passport sized photograph which we had exchanged 7 years back, slipped out a 500 note and tipped the waiter. I slipped my hand in the right pocket of the blazer and took out the 'Ring'. It was shinning bright in the box as I opened it. I lit the red candle on the table, filled the glass with the red wine, had a sip and smiled at myself. I have no-one sitting beside me to talk to and nothing else to think about. I told myself, 7 years, may be another 7 years more.

I thought of calling her, but then, I stopped myself for I think I was not sure of anything now. I was left with the same feeling that took away my sleep for years that I have 7 years back. I couldn't think, I couldn't sleep. I was once again left with the same old broken heart.

Late at night, I got a call from her number. But, it was a different person on the line.

'Hello, Is this Mr. Kumar ?,
This is calling from Galaxy Hospital.
We found your name in the last dialed list in this cell phone.
So, we thought it will be good to call you first.'

And he continued....I was left speechless.


Early Monday morning, she was checking her facebook page. Many have wished her birthday. Sipping a cup of coffee, she kept looking at the page. She checked all the messages, but still she rechecked them again. Her eyes seemed to be looking for a message from someone. To her disappointment, she didn't find any. Inside, she felt some kind of strange feeling, a feeling of disappointment and disapproval for the person who used to tell her 'I love you a lot and will always be there for you'.

She thought he could have atleast called once and ask how she was, where she was and why she didn't come that night. And when she called to explain, his number couldn't not be reached. Thoughts occupied her and she no more knows where he was. She thought still, he could ask atleast once about my health. She was sure that he would have known about what happened to her. She thought he might have been angry and moved on with his life.

The doorbell rings. It was courier boy. He handed over a parcel wrapped in a white brown paper.

She was not expecting anything and felt a little surprised. She checked the address to see if it has been wrongly delivered. No, it was her address. Then, she checked the back side of the cover and she was filled with an unknown feeling to find the name 'Mr. Kumar'. She was filled with a strange mixed feeling of happiness and surprise.

She opened it carefully and as he always does, she found a neat paper-made-box of blue. Inside it, there was a black case and a blue envelope. She opened the box and there was a diamond ring shinning bright and her heart leaps all of a sudden and she bursts into silent tears of unexpected joy and happiness. She thought he is back in her life.

She then take the blue envelope in her hand and watch the details of it. It was of the same kind that he had given her 7 years back at the time he had told her that he truly loved her. She opened it slowly and took out the note inside. It carried the same fragrance and it took her to the moment when they met for the first time. Tears rolled down unprecedently.

The note reads..
'My Dear Miss,

I still remember the moment I saw you the first time. You were in your pink shoes and your hair were silky and fluttering around your face with the soft wind that passed through your way.

You know my heart leaped to heaven. Your eyes shine throughout my life. And from that moment I have never let you go away from my life. It was 'Love at the first sight'. How much special I have felt walking with you on my side.

I felt like, I could win this world.

I have always wanted to make you feel special for you are really special. I have been waiting for this day, to give you the best gift that I could ever give you in my life. You have always loved to be the birthday girl, and even when you were not with me for 7 years, I have never missed to celebrate your birthday, but I never felt satisfied with anything that I have given you.

It's your birthday today.... my Miss.

Happy birthday....sweetheart.

This was my last wish before I took this step. and I have planned it well to make sure, it gets delivered to you on this day only.

'Please, never let the ring away from your fingers. I wish I could have asked your hand to hold mine.'

I'm sorry that I couldn't come to you anymore. But, the 'Ring' is meant for you only and I had wanted to propose you to marry me on that night. I waited for you. This Ring will look elegant in your fingers only.

I am really happy to have you in my life and now I feel much happier to be your heart. I have always wished to be your heart like the way you were my sweetheart. GOD is too kind upon me to have given me this opportunity.

You remember the time when I told you I have given you my heart. I'm happy that I kept my words. I gave you my heart. And I'm happy that I won't miss you anymore as I'm your heart now. What else would I wish more than this.

Thank you miss, you have defined the reason for my life. I'll always be with you now for the rest of the time and will always be your sweetheart. Keep it safe.

I know you will ask why I did this. And I also know that you know the reason too.

Now, don't be like a kid, wipe your tears, wear a big smile that I have always admired and let's celebrate your birthday. For the first time, we are celebrating your birthday together.

Live Life Abundantly. And please for my sake put on the red dress today.

I love you sweetheart.
Yours OnlyMr. Kumar '

She couldn't stop the tears anymore.....

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