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Will it be wrong to assume that we as a social being do no more have the pre-requisite to be called so ? This is one of those persistent questions that I have been asking myself since the last few years. My tendency of an affirmative answer has been too high, and it will be too lame to ignore it. Yet, my ego as a human doesn't approve of accepting it either.

Yesterday, there came in "THE HINDU", and minor girl has allegedly accused her father and brother for sexually abusing her since last 4 years. She claimed her mother knew but, didn't do anything to stop it. Day before that, there was in the news, a juvenile convicted of rape and murder of a 6 years old girl has threatened to do the same to the deceased child's sister after being freed from detention home. If I have to recall all those incidents that have been coming up in the last month, forget about the year, if I have to take the whole day, I still doubt I can compile all of them. There is no doubt  in calling INDIA as a rape country.

Even as the country is heading towards a better global economic status with a better image as a responsible nation, it seems that the social structure and values are declining at a much alarming rate. There are many issues to talk about in this subject. I will keep my limit to SEXUAL ABUSE TOWARDS THE WOMAN in particular in this note.

Every now and then, there is hardly any day that goes without reporting such cases involving sexual exploitation on woman. Infact, this days, even a 9 month old baby girl has not been spared. Gang rape  rape on the false promise of marriage, brother raping the sister, drunk father raping the daughter. It is just not the rape, the accused wouldn't spare the lives of the victims, even if it is a 9 month old baby. How on earth can we think of cutting a small child into pieces and disposing it in the public toilet. It is way too inhuman to even think about it.

With development and increasing  awareness should come a better social structure and sense of social responsibilities in each of the citizen of the country. But, if we look into the rising trend of each and every section of the society, the gains that we have made is far less than the losses we have had.

As many of us believe that education is the solution to most of the social evils and to our development. I still believe the same. But, somewhere something is wrong which most of us are not able to identify. Taking a peek into the 2011 Census, it states that India has an over-all literacy rate of 74.04 % and is still increasing at the rate of 9.2 %. But, my concern is, isn't it suppose to mean that our society must have been more civilised. Ofcourse, some will argue that literacy doesn't mean that people will stop doing crimes. It is also viable to argue that there are many other factors too. In that case, my question is if education is not supposed to educate then, what it is supposed to do and if it is educating then, why are we not having a more sensible and considerate society. Instead, we are losing more and more of our human values and developing more of the animal instincts. Even animals have developed and have become more social.

The question is, do the numbers projects the reality? Is something not wrong with the way it has been projected ? If the census is right, then what does literacy means, only read and write ? If it is then, is our education system good enough for the changing trend? Are we not supposed to teach the importance of moral values. Down the line, what I genuinely feel is that, there is a big loophole in our education system. In schools, we are taught about books which teaches us to read and write, we are taught about stories of great people, but teachers as well as the students merely take them as lessons to be learnt by-heart not by heart. The way education is preached and the way education is perceived seems to be totally going towards a quantitative production rather than imparting qualitative values. Even the teachers or the so called educators are not fit enough to be called someone who is guiding the students. Their accountability has been so deeply affected by the selfish drives. Would I be wrong to say that "Universities today are producing more and more highly trained barbarians rather than developing educated intellectuals." 

When I was a kid, apart from my school books, the most important lesson came from my parents. Infact, this story is just not about me, it is for most of us also. But, the changing trend is not so friendly. The kids are more detached from their parents. There are nothing much accountable values that parents these days teach their kids. Even the coming generation of parents are doubtful to be able enough to give guidance to their own children.

There is definitely a need to change our whole education system. May it be the content of education, the educators and most importantly the concept of education. It's just not the kids or the students to be taught, adults and the people leading the country need to be educated with a new system with more values. Sometimes, it's really funny to watch bunches of illiterate mindless organisms fighting in the house of the country's highest institution. I feel ashamed of myself to have let these people led the country.

Ensuring more stringent punishment and more efficient law and order is another way to curb this rising level of indifference towards woman. But, that will be only a temporary measure. That is in a way suppressing the evil not overthrowing it from its roots. The only way to do away with this evil is education, not just quantitative education, but with more values. For this, all of us, each and every section of the society is responsible. A collective effort can only bring an effective change.

If we fail to understand this, the whole society will collapse. There will be no value for relationship. Woman will live in constant fear. The whole cause of the country will suffer irreparably. We have already lost our lustre to the world. It is a shame for all of us.

Note : My only request to all is that we are born as a human, let us live like responsible humans and live like one too.

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